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Bye Bye 2022 – Thank You…

Bye Bye 2022 and a Very Warm Welcome  2023.

Welcome to a bright 2023 and a fond farewell to 2022!
Like every other new beginning, the start of a new is also a powerful occasion.  Focus on a positive, life-affirming perspective, could help make 2023 the best year yet.

The past two years

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Motivational Quote

Happy Janamashtami

Happy Janamashtami…

India is a land of festivals. Festivals have been part of our culture for ages. These festivals have a deep

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Video of the Week

Stress Management ~ by Harish Kumar

Have we all not suffered the Stress in our lives. It impacts us at physiological, behavioural or even psychological levels. Stress has often amplified the impact of the issues in our life, way beyond its actual burden.

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Why Awesomeazing Life?

What is Life About and what makes it Awesome?

Life is a beautiful concept and anything and everything that we are

OR is around us

OR whatever happens to us, whatever we experience, it’s all about LIFE.

All we ever wanted is for our LIFE  to be a great one. Do you agree?

What is Life?

What is Life

Good LIFE, is a much desired yet a very elusive concept. What is a good life… is it about success or is it about happiness. Is it to be healthy or is it about Well-being. Is it being Wealthy or is it about contentment or does one has to be successful to have a Good Life. Where does Values and Ethics stand when speaking of a Good Life. If being Happy or Wealthy and Healthy is all, that a Good LIFE is about, then where does things like Failure, Shortcomings and Hurdles fit in? What is their role in life.

Now, AWESOMEAZINGLIFE is an initiative on this very concept called LIFE. It is an attempt to unravel how one could make the LIFE a GOOD ONE.