Celebrate the True Essence of Festivals..

Monsoon brings in the cool winds, sprinkles of rain, sweet smell of the soil, you see green everywhere. Along with the trees, plants, birds and animals, everything starts to feel fresh, lush and full of life. By the time the rains start to diminish the festivals come around. The vibes of festive energy and joy just gets amplified all around us, announcing that it is the time to celebrate. Reminding us that it is important to celebrate every aspect of life.

Why is it important to celebrate festivals?

Most of the festivals have a story, mythology, history and season associated to it. Giving all of us a reason to come together and find a common reason to share and be a part of the community. Festivals are the glue in our life that keeps us attached to relationships in society. When we are together as a family, friends, and society it creates a sense of unity. Unity is the most powerful weapon to fight against any obstacle in life. Festivals create harmony with nature and culture. Spread brotherhood and faith.

Celebrate the True Essence of Festivals

They play an important role to add structure to our social lives, and connect us with our families and backgrounds. They give us a distraction from our day to day, exhausting routine of life, and give us some inspiration to remember the important things and moments in life.

What is the purpose of a festival?

Festivals were started to pass on the legends, knowledge, myths, mythologies and traditions onto the next generation. Every festival we celebrate has a story, most of these stories are from the Vedic Puranas, about Victory of good over evil, lot of festivals revolve around harvest, culture, traditions, rituals. They enable the young generations to understand and carry forward the culture and heritage. Culture and heritage define us in certain ways. They imbibe the values we hold and the beliefs we live our lives with. The feeling of togetherness, celebration, time to go back to our roots.

What do we learn from festivals?

Every festival has a story, which give us lessons, learnings and warning. These stories give us a point of reference, they help us in developing our value system, recognise good and the bad. These stories teach us about hope, patience, friendship, collaboration, will power and motivation, courage, survival, humility, compassion and many more values. It is easy to remember when history is narrated as a story.

Festivals are an integral part of any society, religion, community or culture. They are meant to bring people together. Move past the grievances, enmity, status and negativity and unite for a common cause. Festivals were created cherish the good, all around us.

Confusing Celebration with entertainment

Though, for many it is just about eating good food, gambling, intoxication, creating unnecessary noise, air and water pollution. For them it only means to have fun, sometimes at the expense of others. Celebrating a festival, the people, spend a huge amount of money on non-essential things. People completely forget the sole purpose of the festival and cause more harm to the environment and society at large.

We lose focus from the very purpose of the event and rather become centered on our entertainment only.

Every year after Ganpathi, the rivers, oceans and lakes are laden with toxic chemicals used to make the Idols. Causing enormous harm to the environment and the ecosystems. Unrestricted use of loudspeakers and burning of high decibel crackers causes the noise levels go up compared to the normal times and cause the noise pollution during festivals. Colors used during Holi are neither good for the skin nor for the environment.

Celebrate the True Essence of Festivals

Air becomes non-breathable in most of the cities after Diwali because of the smoke released from the fire crackers. The water contamination after immersion of the Idols, flowers and so much of non-degradable substances, create so huge menace. Having fun and enjoying the festival and celebrating need not be at the cost of leaving a planet worse than how we found it. We are forgetting to Celebrate the True Essence of Festivals

Focus on celebrating in an environment friendly way

Buy environment friendly Idols and organic material for decorations. There are so many options today which are environment friendly, which are readily available in the market. Focus on celebrating the essence of the festival, with oil lamps and candles, than bursting crackers. Create awareness in your community and society through social media. Focus on passing the right values, beliefs, culture, happiness and harmony. Celebrate the True Essence of Festivals.

This festival season, let’s bring out the true essence of celebration and have an Awesomeazing time..

Sunita Sharma

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