Do Beliefs impact Reality.

“We create our reality.” is an idea that pretty much splits the world from its middle. One-half of them would swear by it while the other half would consider it to be an offensive statement blemishing the fate of not-so-successful ones. I, personally could not agree more or less with either of both thoughts.

I love to live by the saying, “Whether you believe you can or you can’t, either way, you are correct”. After all the Lion and the Deer, are both within you and whichever you feed, with your beliefs, will grow stronger. So, I do believe that we create our destiny, at least, most of it, actively. The rest of our reality is manifested because we deny our power to do so and play in the hands of what we love calling fate.

What I am trying to convey is that our values and beliefs affect not only the quality of our work but also all our relationships because what we believe is what we experience… The beliefs that we hold are an important part of our identity. They may be religious, cultural, or moral. Beliefs are precious because they reflect who we are and how we live our lives.

Beliefs, in the form of feelings, thoughts, and imagination translated into behaviour can have a huge impact on people’s reality. These are very strong influences that generally stay under the wraps and cause damage, most of the time, without us realizing the cause of those damages. You may sometimes act strong and unaffected by it but deep within they do hurt you and keep a fight ensuing all the time. While you may be able to hide or camouflage your beliefs to act in a way to make others look at you in a certain way but in reality for yourself, it is still the same you.

So what is the real way out then?

Beliefs impact Reality

Beliefs shape thinking, which influences behaviour. The closer we keep bringing the two, what we say and what we do, the easier it becomes. Narrower the gap between the two easier becomes the decision-making process. Best decisions are always based on our core values, at the intersection of what we believe and how we behave.

So instead of trying to fake it against your belief, since you aren’t a world-class actor anyways, make efforts to develop your beliefs instead. Now, how do I do that; develop or change my beliefs.

Beliefs originate or get firmed up by many factors including our environment, events, knowledge, past experiences, visualization, etc. Our experiences, inferences, and deductions from them also play a major role in firming up our beliefs. But, it is most influenced by what we hear – and keep on hearing from others, since right after our birth till today. Since most of our core beliefs are formed during our childhood, the influence of our parents and environment in molding our beliefs from a very young age is paramount. So, is my belief system permanent then? No. While you do not have a way to go back and change your childhood influences, you can definitely choose your environment for today and hereafter. The kind of people you keep the company of, the books you read, filters you apply to the inputs into you from any media, your reaction to a situation are all well within your control and can cause a huge change in your outlook to begin with and slowly making a more permanent dent in your feelings leading to change in your thoughts causing a change in your approach and action, helping to develop a character for you that will eventually enable you to change your destiny.  This is the journey within from Belief to Destiny, isn’t it? And, won’t you agree that your beliefs draw your reality.

Beliefs impact Reality

The importance and power of beliefs about your character in immense, it defines who you are as a person, on a fundamental level. Failure could happen anytime and for so many various reasons. But your character could lead you to either feel a sense of guilt about doing something wrong can motivate self-improvement. Or, you could simply sit and blame the whole world for your failures. The difference of choice you make, based on your character, will be the difference you would create in your destiny. How we perceive, interpret, or think about the events in our life that generate our feelings about those events, is the basis on which we start to create our reality.

Since, our values and beliefs influence our attitudes and therefore our behaviours, having clarity about our values and beliefs is one of the first steps in culture change because talking about them helps us to become more aware of how things are done around here.

Do our beliefs, single-handedly, determine our physical health, financial status, chances at finding love or achieving anything in life, absolutely not! But, the scientific validity of the idea that beliefs have power can’t be denied. Belief systems created by all those messages, indelibly programmed into the subconscious, become the filters through which we create our reality. While these filters don’t change the world around us, they do,    however, change the way we see our life experience and eventually change our reality as we become the person we think we are.

Influence on behaviour or attitude is one of the most basic ways that beliefs can shape our reality.

If you believe that you’re capable, competent, and deserving, you’re probably more likely to notice and seek out opportunities that could help you get to your goals and on the way there it helps you stay confident and be able to make better use of the skills acquired, increase your self-worth that enables you to be socially skilled and higher in social status, and overall be able to handle every situation better. Now, that is a big plus, isn’t it?

On the contrary, if you believe that you aren’t capable, competent, and deserving, you will be worried and scared and shall miss out on noticing the opportunities coming by you and even if you get hold of one, you would most likely fail in it as the same fear stemming out of your beliefs will restrict you from giving your best shot.

Beliefs impact Reality

Now, this wouldn’t be as damaging if it had stopped at you. However, your beliefs influence other people’s behaviour as well. It influences the general attitude and eventually the beliefs of people in your surroundings. The closer the association, the more impactful will be the influence. Your beliefs can shape your reality not only by influencing your behaviour, but also by influencing other people’s behaviour, across people related closely to you, to complete strangers.

From Believe to Reality is a spiral that can go either way, positive or negative, influenced by your behaviour. So, it is up to one to decide which way he would want to go. Is it all belief that gets you to succeed, of- course not. There are multiple interacting factors, influencing that and many of which are not fully under your control, including knowledge and skills, environment and surroundings you are exposed to, experiences, and socioeconomic circumstances. Nevertheless, beliefs significantly matter too. It puts you in one track or the other. One may consider belief as to the placebos effect that supports the link between beliefs and Reality. There is more than enough scientific research to confirm the impact that a placebo creates. At the very least, placebos elevate dopamine levels and can alter patterns of brain activation associated with processing circumstances.

That brings up a million-dollar question, can the beliefs be controlled to be able to harness their power and improve life. Yes is the answer. Engaging in practices that change your habitual way of thinking, and setting up clear intentions for how you want to approach each day, and making an effort to align your behaviour with those intentions is all it takes. Meditation, the attitude of gratitude, relish every step forward in the right direction in your journey even if you haven’t arrived at the destination yet, instead of being trapped in unconstructive, negative thoughts, appreciating the good in life, and realizing and in acceptance of the fact that failure/pain are an intrinsic part of the life’s journey, are a few very simple ways to becoming the master of your beliefs and thereby of your reality/destiny.

While destiny or fate is the karma of our past as the thoughts of past create the reality of today, free-will is today to take a decision on how to improve it going forward, what we have learnt from the past and how to improve ourselves in terms of thoughts and emotions and the actions, that will eventually create the future.

So, do I create my reality? Yes, I and only I create our reality by taking control of my beliefs.

~~ Harish Kumar

One thought on “Do Beliefs impact Reality.

  • September 5, 2021 at 1:22 am

    Amazing message sir. So much to learn from it. I am solely responsible for my reality and I control them based on my belief system.

    My belief system not only tracks me but also put in the questions to those who are around me. Hence I need to fully aware and in charge of my belief system.
    Whilst my past Karma do impact my present but I can learn from them and ensure that I follow the right beliefs and hence control my present the way I want it.


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