About Us

About Us

 A Good Life is the most desired for, yet the most elusive concept that remains very confusing for most. We all need Motivation, inspiration, success, Career, happiness, Satisfaction, fun and being a part of the society.

A fulfilling life.. is it about being content or is it about being Wealthy? Is Health more important or the Happiness? Should Family be given a priority or the Career? How to define Success and is that what Life is all about. If so, then what is the role of Failures in Life and how to Deal with them…. These are the ever confusing questions that keep challenging every definition put together for a Good Life.

Awesomeazing Life is an initiative, to put together all these in perspective and and build a fulfilling, happy life.

AwesomezingLife…. Is a take on this very concept called LIFE. It is an attempt to unravel what is it going to take to make the life Good or even Awesome. It’s a Journey across various milestones of life that would add to its Awesomeness and make it from Good to Better to the Best.

But then again, could there ever be a conclusion to that journey or it is a forever ongoing quest? To begin with, at a very high level, we could assume attaining Satisfaction and Happiness is surely a way that leads to a Good Life. While there are many factors that impacts the Satisfaction and Happiness, the first thing that needs to be understood that the composition of those factors leading to the degree of Happiness / Satisfaction differs from person on person.

Success, failures, hardships, rejections, falling down, getting back again, re-adjusting the direction and vigour of the action, re-starting from the ground zero are all part-and-parcel of every Life. What makes a Life good is the fact that one living it is a successful in achieving what his heart desired for and he is closer to his destination of choice than he was yesterday. That increasingly getting closer to the Life’s goals, whatever they may be, makes a Life truly good and gives the feeling of Life being Awesomeazing.

The Team

Harish Kumar

Entrepreneur, Trainer & Blogger

More than 25 years of experience in IT, an Entrepreneur, Leadership coach, Avid blogger, determined and loves to travel & live life “King Size”.

Sunita Sharma

Life Coach, Trainer and Blogger

More than 24 years of experience in Various Domains starting with IT Industry,Life Coach, Corporate trainer, Motivational Speaker & an Entrepreneur.

Simran Sharma


Cheerful, happy go lucky, creative and a dreamer. Black belt in Karate and a classical dancer. A communication design student from NIFT, Banglore.

Simar Sharma

Teenage Blogger and Explorer

Loves to play basketball, 1st Degree Black belt in Karate, Bharatnatyum Dancer, loves to read & write. High on energy and loves to explore and travel.